February TBR

It’s February! It’s my birthday month! It’s almost springtime! And it’s Black History Month! As a white ally, to me, this month means leaving myself out of it. This month means making (extra) room for black voices in my life. This month means listening to Nina Simone and reading Audre Lorde and VOTING FOR AMARA…

January TBR

It’s time for an old Windy City Bookshelf classic: a belated TBR blog post! This month is already speeding away from me, and it won’t get any better when school starts up again next week. Here’s hoping I’ll find a good chunk of time to make it through my January TBR! I’ve already been quite…

2018 Wrap-Up: A Year in Bookish Review

What a year! Let me recap my life, because 2018 was a freaking whirlwind. The Good Things: I went to Seattle with my man and eight friends for a beautiful and amazing five-day trip. I went to Boston three times and NYC four times for work, and for once, I actually enjoyed New York City!…

December Wrap-Up

Just like that, the merriest of months has come to an end. Let us go gentle into that dark, damp night that is post-Christmas winter. December plodded along. I was actually fully in the Christmas spirit for once, even though we didn’t put a tree up until December 20th. Our household renovations are still underway,…


Is this an apocalypse book? A romance? A satire? A humorous criticism of millennial workplace culture? A diverse look as life as a modern Chinese immigrant? The answer: it is all of those things.


I took a lot of issues with the first 70% of Ghosted, but the final twisty act shattered me – and my issues – into a thousand awestruck pieces.

The Silence of the Girls

Between The Song of Achilles and The Silence of the Girls, can I just say that I am here for these Greek mythology retellings?