When Blogging Takes a Backseat

My self-care is eating a whole pizza by myself and falling asleep on the couch in front of WWE pay-per-views from 1998.

Review – Slaughterhouse-Five

After a six-year gap between my first read and a reread, I have decided that this all-time favorite book is still an all-time favorite book of mine.

Review – Bonfire

Krysten Ritter’s debut novel is a dark mystery rooted in a rural town buried under a decade of secrets, and I surprised myself by loving every minute of it.


Am I crazy for wanting to read 18 books in one month? Don’t answer that.

April Recap

It’s wrap-up time! April was a great bookish month!

Review – Jesus’s Son

Jesus’s Son is a compelling collection of eleven short stories of drug addiction, and it is the perfect kind of grit.

Review – Fahrenheit 451

Have I mentioned Ray Bradbury is my favorite? My reread of Fahrenheit 451 made me fall in love with its acclaimed discussion of dystopic censorship all over again.

Review – Dark Places

Dark Places has more than a few dark spots, but Flynn is ultimately compelling with her creepy scenarios and outrageous twists.

Review – Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere is a gem, and if you like intense character development, vivid narrative tones, and asking the big moral questions, you’ll think so, too.

Review – The Philosopher’s Flight

Tom Miller’s story of a male philosopher (magician) is vast and detailed; it technical and realistic, but the real magic begins where the human spirit starts.

Review – How to Stop Time

How to Stop Time is a thorough piece of fiction that strides through the centuries and asks us when we should stop looking back.