October Wrap-Up 📚🎃

The most wonderful time of the year has come to a close, and my pile of perused books has grown by three! I definitely wish I’d been able to get a little spookier with my choices this month, but my accrued piles of Book of the Month picks had me staying busy! Keep reading for my recapped thoughts, and check out my Reviews page for more!


Lies She Told feels like I read it AGES ago. Oh how time flies…Cate Holahan’s mystery had an appealing storyline: an author writes a bit too close to home, and suddenly her reality is impossible to differentiate from her fiction. I sped through this one; it’s definitely a pretty easy read. It was, however a little too straightforward, though, because in hindsight, it doesn’t stand out too boldly, personally.


Emma In The Night took me YEARS (okay, no, not literally) to finish, and not for lack of interest. This thrilling story of two sister separated by grief, kidnapping, and deep-seated familial conflict kept me guessing for days. There were almost a few too many twist and turns to keep up with, but the originality of the story and its climax were impressive.


The Grip Of It is at the highest peak of my list this month, and maybe even in the top ranks for the year! I love a good scary, spooky story, and Jac Jemc nailed the idea of suspense with this tale. She never gave me, as a reader, what I wanted to know, even after I’d turned the last page. And somehow, that dissatisfaction made me enjoy the book even more. You can’t explain the unexplainable, and Jemc’s ghost story pleasantly doesn’t try.

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