Review – And Then Were None

Final Thoughts⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Agatha Christie is well-known and beloved to many readers across the globe. Her books have been framed as setting the foundation for modern mystery. They are, in all senses of the word, classics. Until now, I had not been one of those people. I’d never read an Agatha Christie book, so you could definitely say that this is a bucket list goal that I can happily cross off! What’s next on my next bucket list goal? Read more Agatha Christie books!

And Then There Were None is an intricate mystery of ten people with closets full of skeletons who are invited to a gathering on Soldier Island, a private land mass off the coast of England. The ten strangers were invited under mysterious pretenses, and when it appears that no one has ever seen the owner of the estate, they realize that their party may not be so well-intended. A nursery rhyme on the wall of all the rooms narrates the demise of all ten guests as the survivors race to figure out who the killer in their midst is.

My experience with And Then There Were None fun and thrilling and over far too soon. At just 252 pages with my hardcover edition from Book of the Month, I devoured this book between two afternoons, and Christie did all she could to make that an easy job. Chapter to chapter, she continues killing off her finite supply of characters and keeping the reader guessing throughout each occurrence.

My favorite strength of this novel is that Christie didn’t waste time or space manufacturing a tone. As an avid reader of thrillers, I’m learning that tone, while crucial, can be overdone. Christie’s novel is simplistic, pure, and genuine; it tries just hard enough to keep you guessing and thirsty for the answers, which are provided in an eye-opening anecdote at the close of the book. She employs a perfect sense of pacing, sweeping you into each new chapter and event only when the time is right. The book is not bogged down by details or that suspenseful slow-burn often seen in the genre. However, it also does not race forward too quickly without completing the purposeful narrative.

It is so much easier to review a bad book; there’s always oodles to say! In this situation, I honestly cherished this read. Christie’s mastery has reminded me why I love reading classics. I always feel privileged and honored to read classics-they’re often looked up to as the peaks and influencers of every book on the shelves today. They’re original, authentic, and, in my opinion, they’re super difficult to critique because their strengths have sparked so much legacy. Christie’s book falls into this category. And Then There Were None makes her impact on the mystery genre abundantly clear. Personally, this book was a gem, and I so look forward to getting my hands on more of her work.

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