Review – Chasing Christmas Eve

Final Thoughts:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Colbie, a young, best-selling writer, flees New York to San Francisco  to restore her creativity and get rid of some serious writer’s block. Spencer is a millionaire tech genius who just can’t seem to find the same success in his personal life. After a chance encounter involving a dog tripping Colbie into a fountain on Spencer’s property, they begin their quick movement toward romance. Colbie only planned to stay in the bay area until Christmas Eve, but can the couple face their insecurities and decide to chase their own happiness?

Disclaimer: this is my first rodeo with a contemporary romance. My friend gave me this copy after hearing I was into books, and grabbing it from the aisles of CVS. I burned throw these pages during a flight from Boston to Chicago, and now here we are at last, at the point where I try to give you my unbiased, rambling thoughts.

Honestly? I want to find a reason to critique this book. I want really badly to tell you all it was too cheesy or poorly written or shallow. But honestly? This book was a feel-good, sappy, adorable love story that made my heart happy at the end. I am so surprised by myself at how much I enjoyed Colbie and Spencer’s story. The author, Jill Shalvis, provided a great cast of likable characters-even the secondary people were used well!

The characters in this book come bogged down with their own fears, challenges, flaws, and histories. Colbie has a family that has become unreasonably dependent on her and her money. Spencer had a first love who left him when he couldn’t prioritize over work. I found the backstories of these characters to be really emotionally effective. I found myself sympathizing with their concerns throughout the book. Shavis’s storytelling made it very easy to root for this couple to succeed, and when they finally do, I was cheering right along with them.

The middle of the book is taken up by some steamy sensual scenes; Colbie and Spencer are only together for a few weeks, so they have to make it worth it! While the scenes were written well, they became a little repetitive, and I found myself more interested in the ongoing story outside of sex. Also, Colbie struggles with telling Spencer that she is the famous author, CE Crown. It’s the age-old problem of “I’m famous, but I don’t want to tell people.” In this specific instance, I couldn’t consistently understand her motive. When the reveal finally comes, it is such a low-key deal that almost nobody cares. Why Colbie thought that Spencer would treat her differently if he knew her real story is a little bit beyond me, and it seems like it was added primarily just to increase the amount of tension that the characters struggle with.

This story was cute. I really instinctively want to say I didn’t like what my first experience with romance had to offer, but there was nothing too unlikable with this happy story! I might not revisit this series or genre quickly, but whenever I need a quick pick-me-up book, Jill Shalvis can count on me to come back to her Heartbreaker Bay series!

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