Review – Dead Girls and Other Stories

Dead Girls & Other Stories – Emily Geminder

Final Thoughts: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Emily Geminder’s collection of short stories is dreamily enigmatic, masterfully poetic, and hazily resonant. The several small journeys whisk us between ghostlike American towns and intense memories of Cambodia. The characters and their existences are a collaboratively thoughtful address of feminine identity, and a powerfully driven message of femicide.

The stories are all abstract. The hazy morals are sometimes just out of our reach. The inscrutable narrations are often familiar, like we’ve heard the story in a dream years ago, but have since fogged the edges of it.

The intensity of Geminder’s brief stories is captivating and poetic. I found myself swimming in the voices pooling around in her metaphors and scenes.

I wasn’t expecting to be thrown into her memories of Phnom Penh, and this worldly edge was riveting. It’s very clear that her time as a reporter in Cambodia has remained a fierce point of influence. I wasn’t expecting a novel of such diversity, and it was such an extraordinarily good surprise.

Dead Girls & Other Stories is a significant achievement of short story collections. Her prose is a masterpiece in itself, and the stories are haunting puzzles of life that we must unravel if we want to find her truths.

Thank you to Dzanc Books for providing me a copy!

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