Top Ten Things I Learned From a Bookish Hiatus

Hello, Cyberspace! Hello, Bookstagram! Hello, world!

I am hot off the presses of a lengthy hiatus. From what, you ask? All things bookish! I don’t just mean Bookstagram or book blogging; I seriously had a full-stop of everything, even reading.

Life has been a whirlwind of moving, working, and going to my first quarter of grad school full-time. All I’ve read for the last four weeks are biographies and collected works of 18th Century philosophers – hardly the books people want to read blogs about.

On top of my school reading list, my books are still completely packed away. Our new house’s renovations are still in the works, so I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor surrounded by boxes. I can’t reach the books I want to take pictures of, and even if I could, a house-in-progress is not exactly an aesthetic.

Now that the moving process is (hopefully) nearing its end and the school quarter is winding down, I have really missed the literary niche of social media. A hiatus was really healthy and helpful, but it’s time to dive back in. Before I fully immerse myself back into social media, I want to talk about some things I learned along the way!

1. Taking a healthy break from social media is a great way to eliminate stress.

2. It helps you feel more inspired.

3. It’s really good to read books that challenge you…

4. OR: it’s really comforting to return to some books you love!

5. It lets you prioritize other things away from your computer or phone.

6. You have so much extra time that you would’ve spent on taking photos and writing posts.

7. It helps you feel organized when you want to return.

8. It gives you a break from tracking down the newest and most popular books.

9. It lowers the pressure to read fast.

10. It’s so much fun when you finally return.

Hiatuses can be so beneficial to us as bloggers, so if you feel yourself burning out, just take a break!

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