Review – Rumble

Matthew’s life is full of reasons to be bitter and angry, but he is forced to learn forgiveness and rely a little more on good faith.

Review – Atonement

Two childhood friends passionately fall in love one summer night, before a fateful, youthful, life-ruining mistake (and a really terrible kid sister), wrench them across the battlefields of World War II. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Review – An American Marriage

When a husband is sentenced for 12 years for a violent crime he didn’t commit, his marriage faces the immense walls of time and distance. An American Marriage is a hugely insightful portrait of love, loss, and loyalty.

Top Ten Reads of 2018

I’m taking a look back at my year so far, and deciding what my favorite reads have been!

June TBR

New month, new me, new reading list!

May Wrap-Up

May was stressful as heck, and a crazy TBR list didn’t help, but these books got me through the intense moments!

When Blogging Takes a Backseat

My self-care is eating a whole pizza by myself and falling asleep on the couch in front of WWE pay-per-views from 1998.

Review – Slaughterhouse-Five

After a six-year gap between my first read and a reread, I have decided that this all-time favorite book is still an all-time favorite book of mine.

Review – Bonfire

Krysten Ritter’s debut novel is a dark mystery rooted in a rural town buried under a decade of secrets, and I surprised myself by loving every minute of it.