Review – Post Office

My first Bukowski read is a darkly funny, semi-autobiographical story about a bitter postal worker combatting mundanity and poverty, and I have one very large, problematic bone to pick with it.

Review – Animal Farm

Animal Farm is an enduring, classic criticism of the consequences of human greed, labor exploitation, and capitalism, and it is an allegory after my own heart.

Review – Circe

Madeline Miller’s captivating new novel, Circe, is an empowering modern narrative of the legendary Greek witch.

Review – Red Clocks

The premise of Red Clocks-a world where abortion is illegal-reeled me effortlessly in, but the prose made me stop and think.

25 in Five Readathon

The 25 in Five Readathon is back again, and boy, do I have a stack lined up for the weekend!

April TBR

I’m excited about the books on my list for April!

March Recap

Check out all of the books I sped through in March!

Review – Paper Ghosts

Paper Ghosts isn’t a mind-bending thriller, like I’d hoped, but it was certainly a unique read.

Review – The Great Alone

The Great Alone is an intense, immense story of one family’s fight for survival, happiness, and love in the Alaskan wilderness, and my heart is here (and breaking) for every minute of it.