Review – A Sin Such As This

The sequel to Love Lies Beneath was just as lusty, dramatic, and outrageous as its predecessor, and it concluded on a similarly disappointing note.

Review – Circe

Madeline Miller’s captivating new novel, Circe, is an empowering modern narrative of the legendary Greek witch.

Review – Paper Ghosts

Paper Ghosts isn’t a mind-bending thriller, like I’d hoped, but it was certainly a unique read.

Review – Let’s No One Get Hurt

This is a coming-of-age story like no other. Jon Pineda’s darkly southern narrative is hopeful, but not optimistic. It is charming, but dingy. It is lovely, but heartbreaking.

Review – They All Fall Down

Tammy Cohen’s creepy psychological thriller is familiar territory for readers, but with a dark flair of suspense all its own.

Review – Gods of Howl Mountain

Gods of Howl Mountain is a southern gothic, stuffed with intrigue, action, drama, and abundant strange descriptions of nipples.

Review – The Clarity

The Clarity is a fast-paced thriller, packed with ultra-vivid action, descriptive gore, and an intriguing sci-fi core.