Is this an apocalypse book? A romance? A satire? A humorous criticism of millennial workplace culture? A diverse look as life as a modern Chinese immigrant? The answer: it is all of those things.


I took a lot of issues with the first 70% of Ghosted, but the final twisty act shattered me – and my issues – into a thousand awestruck pieces.

The Silence of the Girls

Between The Song of Achilles and The Silence of the Girls, can I just say that I am here for these Greek mythology retellings?

Black Mad Wheel

If you’re craving a spooky, original story chock full of suspense and sensory horror, Josh Malerman should be your go-to author by now.

Goodbye, Paris – Antsey Harris

Goodbye, Paris is a really heartwarming, woman-power story of one lady defeating self-doubt and hardship to fulfill her true self.