Review – Bird Box

Bird Box feels like being afraid of the dark as a child and being stuck in a pitch-black bedroom while your heart pounds harder and faster against the hardened dread in the pit of your stomach.

Review – A Sin Such As This

The sequel to Love Lies Beneath was just as lusty, dramatic, and outrageous as its predecessor, and it concluded on a similarly disappointing note.

Review – The Natashas

The Natashas is an enigmatic story about Béatrice (a singer), César (an actor), and the Natashas (ghosts?). It is about Béatrice (a woman assaulted and sexualized since girlhood), César (a gay man egged on into violence by hateful brothers), and the Natashas (abused, trafficked women who’ve left their bodies behind them).

Review – The Forty Rules of Love

Elif Shafak’s retelling of the union between spiritual leader Shams of Tabriz and Rumi, the famous Persian poet, is a captivating, entertaining take on a classic Islamic history. This story was eye-opening, mind-blowing, perspective-widening, and amazing.

Review – How to Walk Away

How to Walk Away is a blooming, fluffy romance filled with damaged characters and one woman’s traumatic recovery. For fans of Me Before You, but with way less ugly crying.

Review – Clothed, Female Figure

Ten stories of womanhood are united by Kirstin Allio’s magnetic, elegant prose. If you read for writing style, let this book find its way into your heart.

Review – Rumble

Matthew’s life is full of reasons to be bitter and angry, but he is forced to learn forgiveness and rely a little more on good faith.

Review – Atonement

Two childhood friends passionately fall in love one summer night, before a fateful, youthful, life-ruining mistake (and a really terrible kid sister), wrench them across the battlefields of World War II. I’m not crying, you’re crying.