February TBR

It’s February! It’s my birthday month! It’s almost springtime! And it’s Black History Month! As a white ally, to me, this month means leaving myself out of it. This month means making (extra) room for black voices in my life. This month means listening to Nina Simone and reading Audre Lorde and VOTING FOR AMARA…

January TBR

It’s time for an old Windy City Bookshelf classic: a belated TBR blog post! This month is already speeding away from me, and it won’t get any better when school starts up again next week. Here’s hoping I’ll find a good chunk of time to make it through my January TBR! I’ve already been quite…

November TBR

Does a bookworm really ever have time to finish their never-ending TBR?

September TBR

I’ve created some kind of Frankenstein hybrid between mood-reading and a TBR. What are you reading this month?

July TBR

BBQ’s, fireworks, sunburns, and new month of books – it’s July TBR time!

June TBR

New month, new me, new reading list!


Am I crazy for wanting to read 18 books in one month? Don’t answer that.

April TBR

I’m excited about the books on my list for April!

March TBR

See what’s in store for my springtime shelf!